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Delivering a Connected Future

iSmartWays V2X.AI

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Smart Transportation

ISmartWays can assist transportation departments in deploying intelligent traffic management, parking management and dynamic information services. Provide accurate multi-traffic data generation support for urban and highway traffic management.

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Autopilot Vehicle

V2V technology provides 360-degree situational awareness on the road to enhance safety. According to the USA Department of Transportation — and validated by numerous trials. V2V technology will prevent 80 percent of all traffic accidents.

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Connectivity gave individual and ride-share drivers access to maps that are updated in real-time, thus allowing corporate drivers to signal their position to their clients, whether they be ride-share customers or customers waiting for deliveries.

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Auto insurance

V2X is the perfect tool to protect the interests of insurers. Could help insurers price more fairly and make more profits. V2X devices will track the driver's behavior and report details to insurers. Including acceleration, braking and turning speed.

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Commercial Vehicles

Connectivity will be very valuable to commercial vehicle customers such as fleet operators, as a way to achieve more efficient processes and reduced costs (and increasingly to improve driver productivity and comfort).

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Special Vehicle

Communication between road equipment and vehicle-mounted networking equipment will give priority to the route of police cars, ambulances or fire trucks. That's why the V2X allows first responders to get to the scene faster and more safely.

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