Autopilot Vehicle

V2X technology enables communication between a vehicle and anything in the environment that may affect it, including other vehicles (V2V), surrounding infrastructure, like traffic lights (vehicle-to-infrastructure, or V2I), and even phones (vehicle-to-phone, which enables communication between cars and pedestrians holding a smartphone). Compared to camera and LiDAR sensors, V2X can offer greater sense range, around-corner viewing capabilities, through-objects view functionality, the ability to share real-time driving information with other vehicles and roadside equipment, and the ability to generate predictive insights. Also, V2X is the only method that is not affected or influenced by weather conditions like fog and heavy rain or harsh sunbeams.

V2V technology provides 360-degree situational awareness on the road to enhance safety. According to the USA Department of Transportation — and validated by numerous trials. V2V technology will prevent 80 percent of all traffic accidents.