OBU-C320 NA Intelligent Vehicle Terminal

NA OBU-C320 is an intelligent vehicle terminal product independently developed by iSmartWays for the North American market. It is mainly used in intelligent network connection, intelligent transportation and other fields. The product can realize PC5 direct communication between vehicle and vehicle/vehicle and road and communication based on North American 4G cellular network, which can meet multi-scenario communication requirements such as intelligent networked vehicles and intelligent transportation, and has vehicle-road coordination, intelligent computing, and remote interaction. Management and other functions. After the vehicle is equipped with this device, it can interact with other vehicles, pedestrians, and roadside equipment to provide drivers with real-time traffic information and early warning information, thereby ensuring active driving safety and providing basic software and hardware support for improving traffic efficiency and strengthening traffic safety.


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NA OBU-C320 Product Specification.pdf

NA OBU-C320 introduction.pdf